What’s the Veterinary Careers Team up to?

Has November 2017 taken you by surprise? Well it’s here ~ SURPRISE!! Welcome to the galloping-along-end of the fastest year in HISTORY!!***

You don’t need me to tell you that 2017 has whizzed by!

So where are you now? Is this where you wanted to be at the start of the year? Have you met your personal and career goals or do you feel that there must have been a false start and you are not yet out of the ‘this-year-is-going-to-change-my-life’ starting barriers (note Melbourne Cup terminology – oh so cool that the Pommie invaders took out 1st and 2nd ~NOT!)  Did you get time yesterday as the Nation paused for a 3 minute race – to reflect (glass in hand) on what you have achieved this year? What it feels like to be at the top of your game or when it will be your turn to catch up in the last 3 strides and pip the competitors at the post and claim that Cup?

Ok enough now – back to scientist-speak…

I wanted to let you know some of the Veterinary Careers Team news and I will let Guy and Michele update you on their news, although I do note that Queensland, Jordan, Africa, beloved pets and environmental sustainability in the face of climate change have weighed in heavily, as well as AVA… (we all continue to contribute our time and passion with the AVA – where all vets who love their profession should be found!)

In terms of MY VETERINARY CAREER NEWS – mid-year I did a course on blogging that was amazing and inspiring but then I stopped blogging (go figure!) However my blog teacher just posted about ‘the remarkable power of finishing’ so here I am!  (Thanks Kath!)

In June I shifted gears into working from home, as you likely know we have an amazing little person we are raising, and now at 3.5 years old she is showing that she’s dramatically like her mum and a determined little force to be reckoned with – driven, determined, with a strong sense of what’s right and she definitely keeps us on our toes (sometimes makes us dance) and is growing up healthy, strong and secure and getting ready to be a world changer (hats off to all you parents out there who have been doing this gig longer than I!)

Till June this year I was working nearly a full week in 4 days, plus travelling an hour each way, so BIG days and not the lifestyle I imagined when I dreamt of being a Mum. I am now doing a great PhD on Livestock Biosecurity and Disease Surveillance from home and am working with some of the best researchers and vibrant people I have had opportunity to meet. It’s been a great move.

My PhD is focusing on the role of vets (I am pretty consistent in this) and I am determined that through 3 years of student-hood that I will create papers that aid vets to: a) understand their value in public health, and b) see the variety of opportunities that having a veterinary degree can bring. It’s a (small) part of a large project aiming to improve disease surveillance and reporting in an effort to maximise preparedness for Foot and Mouth Disease and make sure that if it ever (re-)appears on our shores that we are BEST prepared to find it quickly, and report and respond immediately. It brings a lot of personal and career satisfaction to be working on something that I believe is an excellent cause. It’s been worth the effort to embrace change!

My husband Brad and I continue to learn about leadership, business management and more recently an entrepreneurial mindset and coaching. As I am a people-person – coaching fascinates me (and I reckon let’s arm our kids with this knowledge – let’s not wait till they are mid 20’s or 30’s and a bit lost and searching)…. Oh and btw Brad has won 2 awards this year for small biz excellence with our Tyre biz (in Yass, NSW – let me know if you want to head over for tyres!) and we are headed to the State Awards night for the same category next week – so I am a very proud wife as well!

At Veterinary Careers we have had our heads down growing our reach and we have lots of users now and a huge following of around 9950 people in the vet industry so we plan to take our website up a notch in 2018. We will be increasing our focus on interesting careers – and what you guys are achieving, we have great interviews lined up and would love to hear from you and the work you are doing!  Our goal is to have businesses that want 1st class vets to ADVERTISE WITH US as their FIRST port of call. We are developing synergy with our counterparts in the UK and have great discussions happening on seeing increased flexibility in working arrangements for vets.

Please get in touch if this inspires anything in you (particularly if you’d like to be interviewed and/or write a guest blog!) and send any cool job opportunities  for vets through to myveterinarycareer@gmail.com,

Enjoy the lead up to Christmas! (now back to the race…)



***If I get time I will find an online “research” publication to support my claim – if not I have now said it online, so please accept it…. (dutifully)