Volunteer Animal Ethics Committee Members – QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute

About  QIMR Berghofer:

QIMR Berghofer is a world-leading translational medical research institute focused on improving health by developing new diagnostics, better treatments and prevention strategies, specifically in the areas of cancer, infectious diseases, mental health and chronic disorders.

Through its Animal Ethics Committee (AEC), the Institute strives to uphold best practice in animal-based science, while reflecting the expectations of the broader community.

Role and Responsibilities:

QIMR Berghofer’s AEC is currently seeking expressions of interest for  volunteer Animal Ethics Committee members as per the following Categories stipulated in the Australian code for the care and use of animals for scientific purposes 8th Edition (2013):

Category A (Veterinarian): responsible for providing expert advice on applications put to the AEC for ethical review, including but not limited to the appropriate use of anaesthetics and analgesics, and the effects of experimental manipulations on the health and welfare of animals. This person should have qualifications in veterinary science that are recognised for registration as a veterinary surgeon in Australia.

Category C (Animal Welfare): responsible for providing an ethical and animal welfare perspective to the deliberations and activities of the AEC. They should have awareness of current community expectations and concerns about animal welfare, and an ability to communicate these concerns. This person should have demonstrable commitment to, and established experience in, furthering the welfare of animals, who is not employed by or otherwise associated with the institution, and who is not currently involved in the care and use of animals for scientific purposes.

Category D (Layperson): responsible for providing a valuable independent and objective perspective on applications put to the AEC for ethical review. This person must not be employed by or otherwise associated with the institution and must never have been involved in the use of animals in scientific or teaching activities, either in their employment or beyond their undergraduate education.

This is a volunteer position. Parking will be provided at Herston for members while on QIMR Berghofer-AEC business. All essential and necessary expenses incurred by members in carrying out their duties will be reimbursed.

Salary: This is volunteer position.
To apply: DO NOT Click on the “Apply” button on the positions vacant page.

Interested candidates please provide your CV, Qualifications and any other supporting documentation for the committee member role you are applying for to AEC@qimrberghofer.edu.au.

Closing Date: 5 May 2019
Further information: If you have any questions please contact: Sashika Naidoo, Manager, Regulatory Affairs on +61 7 3362 0433 or AEC@qimrberghofer.edu.au

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