One Health Program Supervisor (Health Security Corps) – Bali, Indonesia

One Health Program Supervisor (Health Security Corps) – Bali, Indonesia

Australian Volunteers

Assignment Title: One Health Program Supervisor
Partner Organisation Bali Animal Welfare Association (BAWA)
Website of Partner Organisation
Duration of Assignment 6 Months
Closes 22 January 2020

About the assignment

The Bali Animal Welfare Association was founded by an American resident in Bali for more than 30 years. BAWA runs intensive education and advocacy programs for sustainable improvements to animal welfare now and into the future.

Due to the eruption of Mount Agung in 2017 and consistent volcanic activity, reports suggest that there has been a surge in homeless dogs, therefore an increase in random dog breeding and declining physical conditions of these street dogs. The knock-on effect is that there are noticeably more stray dogs whose puppies pose a further burden on the local communities. BAWA’s Dogs Trust Worldwide-funded neutering project will aim to sterilize 1,000 dogs and rabies vaccinate (with the assistance of the government) as many as possible, up to thousands of owned and unowned dogs over 6 months, with the likelihood of the project being extended for at least an additional 6 months. The project’s objective is to ensure a rabies-free and stable population of healthy free-roaming dogs on the slopes of the volcano to a level which is able to be maintained post-project.

Related to this assignment, BAWA needs a highly-skilled volunteer to oversee the surveying and project protocols for this project and to up skill their local staff. Appropriately skilled Indonesians have generally been absorbed into local government or universities, and very few people are interested in short-term positions. This volunteer assignment is important to the organisation to improve One Health for animals and humans in Bali communities recovering from volcanic eruptions, and the ensuing threat of zoonotic diseases such as rabies.

  • In this role you will supervise and provide quality control in accordance with program protocol
  • You will require experience in epidemiology and/or veterinary medicine, with experience in training others in basic animal nutrition and health
  • This roll will give you the opportunity to work within a crucial organisation that is providing long lasting relief to the region

Living allowance: $1,370

The monthly living allowance enables you to live a modest local lifestyle. Based on the cost of living in a particular country, it covers food, your daily commute, communication and other local costs. It is not set to enable you to meet financial commitments at home, such as a mortgage or a personal loan.

Special requirements

  • Federal Police Check must be completed during application
  • First Aid Certificate is required
  • Video response interview must be completed as part of this application

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