Monash University – Animal Ethics Committee (AEC) Membership

Monash University – Animal Ethics Committee (AEC) Membership

Joining an Ethics Committee

Animal Ethics Committee (AEC) Membership

Find out if you’re eligible to join one of the University’s AECs and what the role involves.

Research is the basis for acquiring knowledge to further understand and address issues facing our communities and individuals within them.  Monash University undertakes research with the desire to make a difference and with the potential to transform lives.

An Animal Ethics Committee (AEC) is a group of people that act on behalf of an organisation to ensure that activities relating to the care and use of animals are conducted in compliance with the Australian code for the care and use of animals for scientific purposes 2013 (the Code)  and related legislation. AECs play a critical governance role within Monash University by reviewing all research, breeding and teaching activities involving animals and therefore AEC committee members are integral in ensuring the integrity and quality of the research.

About the Role

Monash University is currently recruiting volunteer AEC members. Through its AECs, the University strives to uphold best practice in animal-based science, while reflecting the expectations of the broader community.

The Code specifies membership requirements of an AEC. The AEC must be comprised of at least one member of each of  the following four categories of membership:

Category A – A Veterinarian

Category B – A Scientist

Category C – An Animal Welfare representative

Category D – A member independent of the institution

If you believe you meet the criteria for one of the categories of membership and are interested in becoming a member, please contact us. To submit an expression of interest, complete the relevant Expression of Interest form (see here) and forward to the Animal Ethics team on or contact Dr Dana Briggs, Animal Ethics Compliance Manager, 990 51849 for further information.

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