Dr Caroline Murray – ‘The Wilderness Vet’ – An Inspirational Veterinary Career!

At Eagle Hunter family in remote Altai mountains, NW Mongolia. Eagles are used to hunt small prey in the winter.

“I have done lots of volunteer work, as I believe that it is our duty as humans, and veterinarians, to help those less fortunate than us.” Dr Caroline Murray told me, as she shared her story; a story of bravery, determination, adventure and thanksgiving.

Originally from the United Kingdom, Caroline graduated in Liverpool in 1997. She braved the dismally bad weather for a few years following graduation, working in small and mixed animal clinics throughout the UK; however, her gypsy heart yearned for more. Her eyes were set on the stunning shores of New Zealand. Caroline’s original plan was a working holiday but little did she know that life had a different direction for her. She spent 11 years working throughout the north and south islands of New Zealand, and also graduated from Murdoch University with a Masters in Wildlife and Conservation – a cause that is very close to the nomadic vet’s heart.

In 2014 tragedy struck when Caroline’s already unwell father became terminally ill and she chose to return to her homeland to care for her dad. Sadly, four years later, her dad passed away, and with his passing began a roller-coaster of grief that encapsulated, not only the grief of losing a parent, but also the loss of several close friends to suicide, as well.

Neutering stray cats and dogs that get dumped at pagodas and looked after by the monks – Siem Riep, Cambodia

However, there is courage in the strength of someone who has chosen to fight, and with the help of Vetlife and ARC, she overcame several hurdles in her life.

Caroline now prioritises work-life balance and mental health preservation, both of herself and her colleagues and friends.  She enjoys running, dancing and most admirably, she loves to give back to disadvantaged and disaster-stricken communities during her worldwide travels.  Recent volunteer work has included involvement in search and rescue following the 2011 Christchurch earthquake, and an independently organised stray animal desexing trip to Cambodia.  But now her sights are set on the North Pole, yes, you read that right, the North Pole! In June 2019 Caroline will be running BOTH the Tromso Midnight Sun Half Marathon and the Mourne Mountain Half Marathon in Ireland, to raise money for ARC and Vetlife respectively, and also to honour her Norwegian and Irish friends who have tragically lost their lives to suicide.

If you would like to sponsor Caroline in her very worthwhile and heartfelt cause, please see the following  links on Justgiving.com – TheWildernessVet and the TheWildernessVet2.

At Iditarod sled dog race in Alaskan wilderness. Looking after a couple of injured dogs at one of the checkpoints.

By donating to these causes you will be helping these much-needed organisations to continue helping many others through what can literally be a matter of life or death.

But now, let’s talk to the woman whose strength in overcoming adversity and desire to give back is something to truly be admired.

Dr Caroline Murray, thank you for talking with me today…