Diversity in Agriculture Leadership Program for Women, Australian Agriculture

Australian agriculture has joined forces to forge a new pathway for women in ag leadership with the establishment of the Diversity in Agriculture Leadership Program.

Women have been the backbone of farming since agriculture began in our nation.

However, the fact remains, female representation on farm is not matched in the senior ranks and around the board tables of our farm representative organisations and agribusinesses. And our industry is poorer for it.

When I take a look around the organisations advocating on behalf of farmers and agribusinesses servicing our industry, there is a distinct lack of female representation.

I believe this is out of step with actual farm businesses, the vast majority of which are family owned and where women absolutely play an equal role.

    – Fiona Simson, President, National Farmers’ Federation

About the Program

There are two main elements of the Diversity in Ag Leadership Program:

1)      An opportunity for agribusiness and ag-representative bodies to commit to auditing their gender diversity and to formally pledge to making meaningful change towards evening the gender ledger, and

2)      An opportunity for aspiring female leaders to benefit from one-on-one mentoring. Graduates of the program will go on to be a part of a valuable alumni of skilled female leaders with aspirations to apply their leadership skills across the agricultural sector.

Applications now open

Applications are now open for the Diversity in Ag Leadership Program.

  • Women over 25 years of age, who have already started their leadership journey, are encouraged to apply.
  • Applicants are required to provide an up-to-date CV.
  • Applicants should address the required selection criteria (see below).
  • The names and contact details of three (3) referees are required.
  • Applicants must, except in approved exceptions, be available to travel to Canberra for two one-day events during May 2018 and October 2018 (dates to be confirmed) and commit to dedicating a cumulative additional 75 hours to the program.
  • The NFF will cover the approved costs of travel and associated expenses to a cap of $4500.
  • Applications must be submitted by 5pm Eastern Standard Time (EST) 12 April, 2018.


1. Describe your interest, skills and experience in agriculture and the industries that support it?
2. How would you describe ‘leadership’?
3. Outline your leadership aspirations and the steps you have taken to date to realise these aspirations.
4. Describe why you are interested in being a part of the Diversity in Agriculture Leadership Program?
5. Apart from the Diversity in Agriculture Leadership Program, what plans do you have to progress your leadership journey?
6. Outline your time availability to commit to the Program, should you be successful, keeping in mind the requirement is to dedicate a minimum of 75 hours to the program.
7. Do you believe your gender has constrained your leadership aspirations to date? Are there any other factors that have been restrictive? (your answer to this question won’t be assessed as part of your application – we’re just interested to know!)

Click here to apply.

More about the mentoring program

With their mentor, each mentoree will be required to establish ‘leadership goals’, outline steps to achieving these goals and, and put in place steps to measure progress towards these goals.

The 2018 Program will culminate in a Graduation at the NFF’s National Congress during October and the establishment of the DiALP Alumni.


Source: Diversity in Agriculture Leadership