Courses for 2020 at Massey University – New Zealand


Courses for 2020 at Massey University – New Zealand


Enrolments opening up on 1 October 2019

Master of Veterinary Medicine (MVM) courses


Courses in the MVM programme

Most courses in the Master of Veterinary Medicine (MVM) programme are offered once every second year. Exceptions are the capstone courses (118.851, 118.852, 118.853), 118.761, Canine and Feline Emergency Medicine and 118.785 Principles of Veterinary Epidemiology which are offered every year. The duration of most courses is 24 teaching weeks over two semesters (seven to eight months total).

  • Semesters 1 and 2 (late February to early November) or

  • Semesters 2 and 3 (mid July to mid February).

Exceptions are the epidemiology courses, 118.785 and 118.786, which are single semester (either February–June or July–November).

Weekly time commitment per course

Each course offered over 2 semesters involves about 5-6 hours of work per week – one-eighth of a full-time workload.

For each epidemiology course (15 credits) plan to spend 10-15 hours of study per week during the semester.

For business courses students should plan for 25 hours of study per week for the period of the course.

Courses offered in February 2020

Companion Animal Courses

Avian Medicine

Emergency Medicine


Soft Tissue Surgery

Production Animal Courses

Mastitis Management

Epidemiology Courses

Principles of Veterinary Epidemiology

Courses offered in July 2020

Companion Animal Courses

Cardiorespiratory Medicine

Clinical Pathology

Diagnostic Imaging


Production Animal Courses

Calf Medicine

Epidemiology Courses

Applied Veterinary Epidemiology


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