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Many of you know that Global Veterinary Solutions Pty Ltd is a company that Guyan Weerasinghe, Michele Cotton and I, Emma Kathleen Davis registered in 2015 as the mother company to our business. Our first output has been the amazing Career Hub for veterinarians that has become!

As unashamed supporters of the work veterinarians do in veterinary public health and every other field – including the amazing practitioner veterinarians who look after our beloved pets and livestock – our next launch of a major output is to highlight the support services we provide for veterinarians in business. My expert team and I provide two main arms

1. technical experts to get veterinary technical content created, business biosecurity management plans, WH&S systems and audits and veterinary industry consultants for your projects large and small; and

2. business support for veterinarians in business – including business coaching, IT assistance like website creation and scoping, online virtual assistance for HR services, administration and sales, business branding and content creation as well as in-house team building workshops and training.

We have gathered a fabulous core team of online virtual assistants who can be used flexibly for one off projects or for as little as 2 hours a week to help you manage your business.

We are all about veterinarians loving their careers and business lives and we are here to help take away some of the business admin and startup headache!

We have a heart for vet entrepreneurs and are happy to help you scope an idea!

Please check out our website and send any queries through our website or direct to

We look forward to serving you and your business and helping our amazing profession do business as you guys get out there and help the world 🌍 xx

~ Love Your Veterinary Career ~
X Emma
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The Animal Welfare Foundation has announced up to five grants for desk-based research on priority animal welfare issues in the UK

The Animal Welfare Foundation (AWF) has announced new grants for desk-based animal welfare research projects to help support important research at a time when ongoing Covid-19 social distancing measures have made field work difficult.

The vet-led charity is offering as many as five grants of up to £10,000 each, with the flexibility for funding to be extended up to £30,000 for one exceptional proposal. The grants will support research projects that focus on priority animal welfare issues in the UK, as identified by a seminal 2019 Delphi study funded by AWF, and will be tenable for up to six months.

Examples of projects that would be welcomed by the AWF include scoping exercises to assess delayed euthanasia in farm animals, dogs or cats, and the validity, reliability and impact of quality of life assessment tools for companion animalsOther research proposals of interest could relate to:

AWF Chair of Trustees Chris Laurence said:

“Funding scientific research to find practical solutions to animal welfare issues has always been at the heart of AWF’s work, and we are committed to ensuring that it remains high on the agenda even during the ongoing pandemic.

“Covid-19 has meant that we need to re-think our approach, as carrying out field work whilst social distancing measures are in place is not feasible. That’s why we’ve decided to offer funding for short, desk-based research projects that can be safely carried out during this time.

“I’d encourage all researchers with an interest in animal welfare to apply for this generous grant.”

The results from the research must be appropriate for publishing in a peer-reviewed, open-access journal. Successful applicants will also get the chance to present their work to the veterinary and animal welfare communities at the annual AWF Discussion Forum and at other key veterinary events.

The deadline for completing the grant application is 12 July 2020. More information on project criteria and how to apply can be viewed on the AWF website.

Veterinarians it is not your job to be everything to everyone!

Oh I am learning this lesson again right now …

Who you are in your heart is perfect.

You are not others and they are not you.

If you take it upon yourself to keep learning and show up as a slightly better version of you each day then you are doing all that can be reasonably expected.

You are enough.

You are human and your first priority is to look after you. From this point of self-care and balance you can do what you can to help and serve others.

You are not in anyone else’s lane nor are they in yours – thus it is interesting to see what they are doing but the only comparison that truly counts is how you are showing up today compared to how you showed up yesterday.

The rest of comparison is wasted energy as it fuels fleeting emotions that you don’t want to have behaviours emerge from.

And P.S you are not your emotions or your behaviours but you are 💯 responsible for them.

Have you heard about our Global Veterinary Career Summit? Veterinary Careers is partnering with Vets: Stay, Go, Diversify and The DVM Project join us from 24 June for 5 days and over 30 hours of Career CPD and networking opportunities! For more information click here

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~ Sending love on your journey ~
Xx Em

Calling all Vets & Vet Nurses! Do you want to video pitch your fab story or idea?

Do you like helping your veterinary industry colleagues?  Have you ever experienced challenges in your career or life that you’ve overcome or found a work around?  We want to know your story at the Global Veterinary Career Summit! This is your personal invitation to submit a 3-5 minute or less video on one of the following topics:

€  Career path story (5 minutes): Tell where your life as a veterinarian or vet nurse has taken you and what have you learned?

€  Hot Tip or How To (5 minutes): Share a tip you have for career growth, landing a job, residency, balancing life, boundaries, etc.

€  Idea or Pitch for Change (3 minutes): Do you have a cool idea that you’d like to see happen in veterinary medicine?

€  I’m a vet/vet nurse and also … (5 minutes): Tell us what amazing things you do outside of veterinary medicine and why it matters to you or feeds your whole life satisfaction.  Please note that we cannot accept videos selling or promoting a specific product or service.

 That’s right, this is our form of submitting an abstract.  Even if you do not feel like the most perfect world leading expert, please DO submit anyway.  You belong here and so does your story.  In other words, imperfect stories welcome; you never know who you might help or reach with your tip, story, or idea.  If this idea scares you, or puts you out of your comfort zone, we would double dog dare you to submit.  Remember Neal Donald Walsh’s quote, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” We can’t wait to see your video!

We are accepting video abstracts (speaker pitches) until June 10, 2020. For further information and tips on great videos click here

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Early Bird tickets now available for the Global Veterinary Careers Summit!

Early bird tickets are now open till Thursday and we would LOVE to have our career community join us for Interview the Boss, TED-style talks, Panels, Career Tip 101s, Career Campfires and more!

Prices start at £49 (around $92AUD)

Over 30 hours of career CPD from across the globe.

Join Emma Davis BVSc as she partners with Ebony Escalona of Vets: Stay, Go, Diversify and Dr Melanie Barham founder of The DVM Project

More information about the Global Veterinary Careers Summit here 

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