Are you interested in uncovering your leadership style?

Are you interested in uncovering your leadership style?

Learn all about YOU and your natural attributes and use this to propel your leadership!

The extended DISC Advanced Behavioural Assessment gives great insight into your relationships – why some are very easy and other take more work. Likewise it explains why some tasks and topics are more interesting to you than they are to others…. for example – do you:


*love a good numerical/financial puzzle and the opportunity to work independently and show the boss what you are made of?


*love a good party and the chance to show off your networking flair to the boss and round-them-up some new business with the music pumping and a glass of champagne in hand?


*love being the teams support-crew and organising the Friday-lunch and bring everyone’s confidante and settling people down before they upset the boss?

The answers to why we are all built differently is explained by our behavioural style i.e how we are built! There are 4 main traits in behaviour – we usually express 1 to 3 of these as dominant traits, and these are revealed and explained in the eDISC behavioural assessment.

Once you know who you are it will help you relate to others so much better and when you know about DISC you an start to investigate what types the people you are relating to may be also!

For more information please watch the video below:

“I do these assessments with each of my coaching clients and I have just become accredited in extendedDISC so I can now offer you or your team the opportunity to purchase the full test and a personalised 30 page report on your leadership traits and style – that includes lots of tips on how best to communicate with others – it’s GOLD!!!! Plus we spend 1.5 hours workshopping it one on one so that you get the most out of it.”

– Dr Emma Davis BVSc




The individual price is $499AUD for a report and a personalised 90 minute session.

For a group of 3 or more we can work out a group workshop price (in person or even facilitated online).

 This is a magic tool to improve team communication and effectiveness!

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