Announcing our new website!

Many of you know that Global Veterinary Solutions Pty Ltd is a company that Guyan Weerasinghe, Michele Cotton and I, Emma Kathleen Davis registered in 2015 as the mother company to our business. Our first output has been the amazing Career Hub for veterinarians that has become!

As unashamed supporters of the work veterinarians do in veterinary public health and every other field – including the amazing practitioner veterinarians who look after our beloved pets and livestock – our next launch of a major output is to highlight the support services we provide for veterinarians in business. My expert team and I provide two main arms

1. technical experts to get veterinary technical content created, business biosecurity management plans, WH&S systems and audits and veterinary industry consultants for your projects large and small; and

2. business support for veterinarians in business – including business coaching, IT assistance like website creation and scoping, online virtual assistance for HR services, administration and sales, business branding and content creation as well as in-house team building workshops and training.

We have gathered a fabulous core team of online virtual assistants who can be used flexibly for one off projects or for as little as 2 hours a week to help you manage your business.

We are all about veterinarians loving their careers and business lives and we are here to help take away some of the business admin and startup headache!

We have a heart for vet entrepreneurs and are happy to help you scope an idea!

Please check out our website and send any queries through our website or direct to

We look forward to serving you and your business and helping our amazing profession do business as you guys get out there and help the world 🌍 xx

~ Love Your Veterinary Career ~
X Emma
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