A VeterinaryCareers.com.au interview of Kay Irvine, Vet Coach

If we were to promote her on a billboard it would read: Beloved Daughter, Cool Grandmother, Bomb Squad Disposal Operator, Strategy Queen, Cancer Warrior, Horse Girl, Veterinary Development Coach, and much more.

Kay & her beloved dad when she was a toddler

Our beautiful friend, Kay Irvine was born in Oxford in the United Kingdom, she has over 20 years’ experience in business coaching, marketing and promotion. And although her life has been a multi-faceted journey of adventure and success, it has not been without trauma, hardship and life lessons – lessons which Kay has been gracious enough to share with us.

Kay’s transition into the veterinary industry was a calling to help animals. She has done this through practice development and leadership coaching – equipping local veterinarians throughout the United Kingdom to simplify and systemise their practices. 

The inspiration of her veterinary coaching business has always been, ‘To help vets, is to help animals, but on a much larger scale.’ And although this still remains the driving force behind her love of veterinary coaching; Kay’s story is entwinned with the golden message of, ‘Knowing Your Value’ a message that in the veterinary industry can sometimes fade into the background.

DAY 16 of the stem cell transplant

Since being diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma (terminal blood cancer) in February 2016, Kay has endured over three years of chemotherapy which included a stem cell transplant, countless bouts of Sepsis and horrific side effects. 

Although the cancer shot from 5% to 98% in just four months in late 2018, she has survived and done it with angelic grace and the strength and courage of a warrior. 

The Native American Warrior photoshoot that Kay had, after the stem cell transplant to celebrate getting through it and being alive!

Kay told us as she reflected on one of the biggest turning points of her life. “I was going through chemotherapy, but I still worked full time, because I found my identity through my work. Outside of my job, I didn’t even know who I was. I was more devoted to my job than I was to looking after myself – and it nearly killed me.”

She now wants to share with the world her powerful revelation of knowing your value and the importance of living a life that is balanced and paced.

Gorgeous Kay, it is a pleasure to talk with you today…

Introduction Author: Tanya Middleton, Veterinary Careers Team