What’s your Why?

Thinking about what you could have done / should have done / would have done with your training?

I call this the COULDA / SHOULDA / WOULDA syndrome – a fixed and not a very useful mindset to have that often leads to worry, anxiety and dissatisfaction.

To help, this is a simple picture to keep in mind.

The most important part of the Venn diagram is ‘Purpose’ – in other words, ‘What is your Why?’ – right bang in the middle and fundamental to what you can do if you are willing to put in the effort.  Working around the diagram

– the NORTH – What do I love doing?

– the WEST – What am I uniquely good at?

– the EAST – What skills are needed?

– the SOUTH – How can I get paid for it?

For some people, this type of inner questioning and awareness comes easily. For others, you may need coaching to help you find your own answers, allay fears and challenge yourself.

Tim is a coach at AltusQ (wwww.altusq.com.au; tim.dyke@altusq.com.au) who recently featured in our Veterinarycareers.com.au Veterinary Careers profiles.

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