Application closing date Р21 Oct 2016

Start date Р1 Feb 2017

End date Р1 Feb 2018

Sector –¬†Agriculture, Veterinary

Location –¬†Bhutan

Are you a professional in the meat industry and passionate about making a difference? If you are looking to live and work in Bhutan, here is your chance to make a difference!

The Department of Livestock falls under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests. The Livestock Product Value Addition Centre (LPVAC) is based in Serbithang, which is approximately 10kms away from Thimphu city centre. LPVAC is a government initiative to create a market for livestock farmers. It also aims to provide capacity building in terms of adding value to basic meat products and generating new products that can capture a wider market. The LPVAC also seeks to establish itself as the training centre for potential private entrepreneurs interested in the meat processing business.With the aim of growing larger markets and diversifying the product range, the Meat Processing Advisor will train livestock farmers on all aspects of processing fresh and cooked meat products, as well as train potential trainers to enable them to provide high quality training to private entrepreneurs.


Photo source: FAO

You will be engaged in providing training on the use of various technology for the processing of fresh and cooked meat products, generating new products, and researching current consumer markets. You will also provide training on hygiene and food safety standards as well as educate farmers and entrepreneurs on ensuring product profitability.¬† Your role will ensure that livestock farmers, meat producers and trainers have an updated knowledge of meat products and processes that will result in enhanced domestic meat production, capable of catering to the demands of the Bhutanese market.Apply nowView assignment on Scope Global’s website

Source: Volunteer – Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

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