Director, Animal Health Committee Secretariat, Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, Canberra – ACT

Applications close on Thursday, 7 June 2018

Work type: Full time

Location: Canberra – ACT

Categories: Animal Health Committee Secretariat

Salary:  $127,475 – $136,015 – APS

About the company:

This Animal Health Committee Secretariat supports the OCVO in leading and coordinating national animal health policy through the Animal Health Committee (AHC) and Consultative Committee on Emergency Animal Diseases (CCEAD), which comprises Australia’s animal health leadership.

The team drives selected national animal health policy and program issues, coordinates Australian Government inputs to AHC from across the department, and coordinates the national response to animal disease emergencies via CCEAD. This section also provides guidance and support to the AHC Chair and Executive in setting the strategic direction to the work of AHC and provides secretariat support for the efficient functioning of both AHC and CCEAD.

About the role:

The role involves effectively leading and delivering Animal Health Committee Secretariat services to AHC members and providing professional advice to the Australian Chief Veterinary Officer (ACVO) on animal biosecurity and animal and veterinary public health issues.

Key duties will include:
• Providing guidance and support to the Chair/Executive of Animal Health Committee in setting strategic direction to the work of AHC, including identification and prioritisation of issues considered (e.g. AHC face to face meeting agendas)
• Leading the development of strategic AHC reporting to the National Biosecurity Committee (NBC) and CCEAD reporting to the National Management Group
• Advising the ACVO on on-shore (domestic) animal health issues
• Providing briefings to the Deputy Secretary, Secretary and/or Minister on priority on-shore animal health issues including in the form of QTBs, KIBs, IBs, QoNs, Ministerials and minutes
• Coordinating Australian Government inputs to national animal health policies and programmes via AHC
• Leading, designing and delivering strategic project work required to progress national policy issues identified by the AHC and ACVO
• Managing a team to deliver efficient and effective secretariat services to AHC and service the needs of the ACVO as an AHC member
• Assisting the ACVO in his role in AHC by analysing and applying veterinary scientific and technical information to government policy and coordinating input from other departmental areas
• Leading the planning, coordination and delivery of AHC meetings, teleconferences and undertake other AHC and CCEAD work
• Participating in AHC and CCEAD meetings as a member of the Secretariat
• Writing minutes, reports, presentations, briefings, papers and other correspondence
• Contributing to the department’s participation in relevant projects relating to animal health in Australia
• Contributing to building and maintaining key stakeholder relationships.

Position requirements:

Mandatory qualifications
The successful applicant must possess a veterinary degree and must be currently registered or eligible for registration with a relevant Australian State or Territory Veterinary Board.

Knowledge and experience
The successful applicant will be required to have:
• An awareness of national and international animal biosecurity, animal and veterinary public health policy and programs.

Applying for the role:

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