The website is a job board that specialises in veterinary public practice roles, and also provides current news and information about issues related to our field.

The admin of this site are each experienced in different sectors of public veterinary practice and have a good understanding of world trade, domestic biosecurity and food safety. We are keen and ready to work with veterinarians seeking job roles (even consultancies) and with employers seeking the right person for the role.

Our service is free for veterinarians looking for work Рyou can simply create a profile, save your resume and send through any job applications via the site (and your profile will record all your applications).

Advertisers pay a reasonable fee for a range of services as listed in the below:

100 (AUD)

A standard advertisement is placed in the featured jobs section of the front page. It will be listed for 30 days, unless a shorter duration is requested.

175 (AUD)

  • Includes a feature job advertisement and allows for two photos and a company description and weblink.
  • It will be advertised on our¬†Facebook and LinkedIn page.
  • It will be advertised for 30 days unless a shorter duration is requested.

250 (AUD)

  • The Super (big-deal) job advertisement package has all the inclusions of a feature job ad PLUS we will actively advertise it weekly on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages.
  • We will identify and email potential job seekers on our web database for extra audience penetration.
  • This job advertisement will run for 45 days unless specifically requested to run for a shorter period. has been created to augment the traditional career of veterinarians by increasing their awareness of non-traditional roles of the veterinarian in society. To further the consideration of a veterinarian about their unique veterinary perspective and their positioning in society across a range of animal and one-health related topics and roles, including but not limited to the traditional practitioner role.

The creators of understand the unique and valuable role that veterinary insight into global factors such as climate change, trade, population growth and emerging diseases can and do play. We seek to promote the role of the veterinarian in society, particularly in addressing current global issues including zoonotic disease, biosecurity, food safety, food security and animal welfare .

Currently the veterinary profession in Australia (and in other developed countries) is facing a few complex issues around supply and demand and the wages that vets are paid. In some cases trained veterinarians are leaving the profession after only a few years working in the field, often after a difficult and long investment of time and funds in earning the degree. We will work to reverse this trend as we understand the wealth of opportunity that Australian Veterinarians have at their fingertips through their degree and look forward to sharing this knowledge with you!

This website will assist people understand what drives them personally, what success looks like to them and open their eyes to the many options they have in building an enjoyable, a well-paid and a satisfying career in veterinary science. is managed by the following veterinarians (click names for bios):

Dr Emma Davis 

Dr Michele Cotton

Dr Guy Weerasinghe

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